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How to tell fake IGET Bar? With years of vaping and buying experience, I can now easily identify a fake or real Bar vape.

If you want to identify a fake IGET Bar and buy an official, authentic disposable vape with pure flavour quickly, then here are three factors you must consider:

  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Verification process

As long as you learn to recognize these three factors about the pod vape, you won’t have to worry about fake IGET vapes taking advantage of you!


The stylish and high-performance IGET vape is getting brighter and more active in the arena, attracting many vapers’ fans, and the I GET Bar vape is one of the shining stars.

However, many unscrupulous merchants have taken advantage of the vast number of vapers’ love for the IGET Bar 3500 to create many fake and shoddy IGET Bars.

To prevent vapers from buying fake IGET 3500 vapes, this article will teach you how to tell if an IGET 3500 vape is fake from four aspects: price, packaging and verification process.

How To Verify Fake IGET Bar?


Price is important information to recognize if it is a real or fake IGET vape. Usually, counterfeit IGET Bar sells at a lower price to attract vapers’ attention.

Although the IGET company will adjust the IGET Bar price to be more competitive, and sometimes the price will be low to reward the fans, the real IGET Bar price usually does not fluctuate much.

Therefore, when you find that some people are selling Bar IGET at a much lower price than others selling the same product, you must question why.

Having said that, when there is almost no difference between the price of the Bar vape of IGET on the official website and the unofficial channel, why not choose a more guaranteed buying channel?

IGET Bar 3500 Puffs



A variety of delightful IGET Bar flavours has a generous capacity of 3500 Puffs, making it a reliable option for when you need it.


The Bar vape of IGET has strict rules regarding packaging, so if you pay attention to the key factors, you will surely be able to spot a fake IGET Bar.

The packaging of a real IGET Bar tends to indicate details such as its specifications, ingredients, storage methods, and warnings.

On the contrary, fake IGET vapes tend not to be labelled with detailed information about the product.

Unscrupulous merchants are prone to ignore these details of imitation in order to save production costs and time.

Verification Process

After scratching the “SCRATCH VERIFY” on the back of the package, you will get a complete QR code of the product’s authenticity and the IGET Bar serial number (below the IGET QR code).

You can get specific information about the product’s authenticity by entering the serial number into the authentication website. If you still have questions, you can also provide feedback on the message board.


Many vapers are curious about how to tell if IGET Bar is fake.

During the IGET verification process, you can identify the authenticity of the vape based on four aspects: authentic QR code, web address, scanning time and message board.

IGET Bar Real Vs Fake:

1.Authentic QR code

How To Verify Fake IGET Bar: Authentic QR Code

After scratching “SCRATCH VERIFY”, you can pay attention to the number on the right side of ASYun.

If you have bought many Bars, you will notice that this number always changes, while the number of fake vapes never changes.

Also, on the top right of the QR code of a real IGET Vape Bar, a number will always appear, while no number will appear in the place of a fake vape.

2.Web address

How To Verify Fake IGET Bar: Web Address

After observing the QR code, you can pay attention to whether the web address for the IGET authentication check is the official one.

The authentic Bar IGET’s verification web address is www.iget.com, while the fake vape’s verification web address is hxy.asy315.vip, which is a very subtle difference. If you need verification, you can contact us.

3.Scanning time
Fake IGET Bar: scanning time display

After passing the first few tests, you can’t let your guard down yet because you can’t confirm whether unscrupulous merchants will recycle the packaging of genuine IGET Vape Bar for secondary use.

Be vigilant after entering the serial number, as a genuine I GET Bar’s security code can be scanned a maximum of 3 times. Any IGET Vape Bar with a scan count exceeding this limit is untrustworthy.

Beware of counterfeit IGET vapes, and their security codes can be scanned unlimited times.

(Tips: The cell phone can be used as an IGET vape scanner.)

4.Message board
Fake IGET Bar: message board display

Message boards are your best bet when you still have questions about the authenticity of a product. However, message boards can also help you identify the authenticity of the Bar.

In a real IGET Bar message board, you can add a picture or video of the product, and the IGET vape verification code is variable.

On the contrary, a fake IGET Bar message board is unavailable, and even the captcha does not change.

IGET Vape Authenticity Check: Fake IGET Bar VS Real

By comparing the four important pieces of information above, I believe you can already tell the difference between real and fake IGET Bar 3500 puffs.

Below is the information comparison table between the I GET Bar fake and the I GET Bar real. Hopefully, it can help you understand the difference between them more clearly.

The Dangers Of Fake IGET Bars

🔥Potential risk to human health

Fake IGET vape may be manufactured with low-quality or unsafe materials, including harmful chemicals.

Also, due to the lack of regulation of fake vapes, their composition may be unclear or contain non-standardized ingredients.

These may lead to the production of carcinogenic substances or the release of harmful gases, which may harm human health.

🔥Security issues

Fake IGET Vape may use inferior or substandard batteries to power the vape to reduce production costs.

These batteries may be at risk of overheating, exploding or leaking, posing a threat to vapers’ personal safety concerns.

🔥Bad vaping experience

Due to the poor quality of the fake IGET Vape Bar, vapers may experience problems similar to poor product performance and impure flavours to have a bad vaping experience.

What Do You Do If You Have A Fake IGET Bar?

Is your IGET Bar not working? This can be caused by normal reasons such as your IGET bar running out of power, but it’s also possible that you’ve been unfortunate enough to buy a fake IGET vape.

If you suspect that you may have bought a counterfeit Bar Vapes IGET, then I recommend that you do the following:

  • Checking the product

Check the product according to the above three factors to recognize the authenticity of the Bars vape.

  • Discontinue use

 Please stop using this fake IGET vape immediately. As its quality and safety cannot be guaranteed, continued use may pose a potential risk to your health.

  • Seek a refund or make a claim

You can contact the seller or manufacturer to seek a refund or make a claim. Actively defend your rights by providing relevant evidence and buying information.

Tips To Avoid Fake IGET Bar

To prevent you from buying a fake IGET vape, here are three other important buying tips for you as a reference:

✔Buy from reputable places

To be safe, only buy from reputable companies that meet industry standards. IGET Vape is a good choice.

✔Beware of typos on the packaging

Generally, it is not the product itself that is most difficult to counterfeit but its packaging.

Check the packaging carefully for spelling mistakes, especially the product and IGET brand names. Some unscrupulous merchants may try to print “IGET7” instead of “IGET” to deceive your eyes.

✔Beware of Bars vape without sealed packaging

Never buy an IGET Vape Bar without a sealed package, as every authentic Bars vape unit comes in a strict factory-sealed package.

Please look carefully at the bottom of IGET Bar package and ensure no signs of disassembly.

✔Refer to customer reviews and feedback

Before making a buying decision, you can research and read reviews from the trusted vape community.

Genuine IGET Bar tends to get positive and favourable feedback.


Vapers can easily recognize a fake IGET Bar just by these three factors: price, packaging and verification process. I hope these methods of IGET authenticity check and buying tips have been helpful to you!

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